Northern California based photographer





Meet the Artist


Susan Yee is a photographer & artist based out of Northern California. Her work has brought her worldwide, shooting all over California, Canada, the East Coast, Europe and Central America. 

Her work has gotten acclaim for it's natural, effortless nature, while maintaining a classic, artistic and timeless style. Her background in dance has also influenced her work by giving her skills and knowledge around body movement, timing and emotions.  

In addition to twenty years of photographing weddings, couples & families, Susan also has vast experience in editorial and commercial work. Her portfolio contains collaborations with names like Sunset Magazine, Chipotle, Whole Foods, Sacramento Magazine, Etude Winery, Cakebread Cellars, and more.

Susan is an incredible person. My husband and I felt at ease with her from the moment we met her, and she made both days so fun and lighthearted -- we had such a good time with her.

We both feel that we came away from our experience with not only beautiful pictures but also a new friend.

—  Liz, 2011 Bride

Artist Statement

Emotion is what drives me - in life & In photography. 

I am here to give you beautifully authentic images of yourself that you've never seen before. Images that show you the very best that I see in you, your relationships, and your life. As well as the beautiful moments of tenderness, connection, messiness, crazy, calm, and everything in between..

As an artist, I want to show you how rad I think you are and how this moment in your life feels. Because who you are now, *is* beautiful and deserves to be celebrated. Your life *as is* deserves to be celebrated. Cause these moments will quickly disappear.

Feelings will always win over perfection in my book.

So live in the moment and enjoy it fully -- my job is to capture that so you & future generations can relive it.